DERELICT former police homes in Hexham are set to be brought back into use as social housing.

Located behind the town’s police station, Fairfield was built almost a century ago, originally to house serving police officers and their families.

The dozen properties were later let out as social housing, but in 2015, tenants were asked to leave over a three-year period.

It was part of a plan by Vera Baird, the then Northumbria police and crime commissioner, to sell the homes to release more funds for the police.

By 2017, most of the tenants had gone, with the remaining homes boarded up and left derelict ever since.

Now the current police and crime commissioner, Kim McGuinness, has revealed she was in talks with Northumberland County Council and the North of Tyne Combined Authority over the future of Fairfield.

She said: “These houses were originally built to ensure key workers had a good quality home, and getting them back to that use is my aim here.

“We’re in the early stages of talks, but I’m confident we can bring back in to use good quality housing stock that serves a social purpose.

“I’ll be talking further to others in the coming weeks and months to see how we can develop those plans.”

County councillor for Hexham West, Derek Kennedy, said he had contacted Miss McGuinness about Fairfield.

He added: “These are reasonable, quality homes in an excellent location. They have been decommissioned for some time and that gives the appearance of a state of decay.

“It would be very much welcomed if they were brought back as social housing, and would make that area look more like a community.”