A PHOTOGRAPHY project is set to capture the impact of Covid-19 in some of the Tyne Valley's most remote villages.

Volunteers at the Heritage Centre, in Bellingham, have launched the 2020Vison project with the aim of developing a photographic record of the effect of coronavirus on everyday life.

And they are asking people who live, work, and visit the North Tyne and Redesdale area to help, by capturing images on their mobile phones and cameras.

Despite closing its doors in March, the Heritage Centre was determined that something positive should come out of this unwelcome event.

"We would like to invite people to take photographs of life under lockdown and the effects of the virus as they go about their everyday lives", said Steve Gibbon, chairman of the Heritage Centre.

"For future generations, these images of local businesses and shops, the leisure and tourism sector as well as the private lives and activities of friends, families and children, will provide a fascinating record and insight into how the communities dealt with the effects of the virus."

Stan Owen, who has a special interest in photographer W P Collier, added: "We want local people to take an active part in recording the aspects of life that matter to them and submit them online.

"The Heritage Centre showcases their community and their history, and in years to come it will be their descendants who will be looking at the community's story of the virus."

More information can be found at www.bellingham-heritage.org.uk