The prospect of home-schooling will have been daunting for some families, but for one film mad family, it has provided the opportunity to get creative.

John Page, who owns the Movie Prop Warehouse in Low Prudhoe, and his children Luke (11) and Molly (eight) have written and produced their own post-apocalypse web series, entitled The Corona Chronicles.

The story was the brainchild of Luke, a pupil at Highfield Middle School, in Prudhoe, who imagined a future where coronavirus only affected adults and not children.

The family has created six episodes, which have been uploaded to YouTube, and plans to produce two more before starting its next project, which will be a a sci-fi series in the style of shows The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits.

“We joined in with Dress Up Fridays and started doing recreations of Hollywood films, like the Karate Kid and Troy, and it spiralled from there”, said John, who studied digital video editing at college.

The family has made 16 videos in total, with a firm favourite being an old fashioned ghost story written on the first day of lockdown.

He added: ”The kids love it. I can’t take credit for their stories, they are wonderful, really imaginative. It’s made home schooling so exciting, they don’t want to go back.”

The videos were filmed in their garden and around the town with Prudhoe Castle and West Wylam Colliery providing the perfect backdrops for the futuristic tales.

“Their teachers have been really impressed with the videos, the kids are chuffed to bits they’ve been so well received,” said John.

Following the success of his own home movies which can be found on YouTube by searching Lock Down Mini Movies, John has been asked to create videos for Prudhoe Plodders, Energize Dance and Darras Hall School.