RECORD-BREAKING spring sunshine has left the River Tyne 'exceptionally low' throughout Tynedale.

In the North-East, the month of April was recorded as the driest ever in a record beginning in 1891. Although May received slightly more rainfall, totals were still well below average.

This resulted in the driest Spring since 1891 in the No1rthumberland river catchments and the third driest in the Tyne river catchment, according to the Environment Agency.

Current river flows in the South Tyne are classed as ‘exceptionally low’, and all rivers in the area are experiencing below normal levels.

Striking images of the Tyne's low level at Haydon Bridge and Corbridge come just months after both villages were flooded during heavy rainfall from Storm Ciara in February.

Forecast rain will not make much difference to river levels which will quickly drop when the rain ends. However, the cooler, wetter weather should lower water temperatures and reduce demand.

Rachael Caldwell, Environment Manager at the Environment Agency, said the dry Spring weather has affected river levels throughout the North-East.

“We are working closely with Northumbrian Water to make additional releases from reservoirs to minimise the impact on the environment should the dry weather continue," she said.

“As always, if people see any environmental impacts due to dry weather, such as fish in distress, it’s really important they report it to us so we can investigate and take action to protect the environment.”

Northumbrian Water said overall water supplies in the area remain at a healthy level for the time of year, but encourage people to follow advice about using water wisely to ensure there is enough water.