RESIDENTS in Allendale thanked the local fire crew with a round of applause on Tuesday night after crews tackled a large house fire on Saturday.

Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service were called to the house fire at a property in Market Place.

Nobody was injured in the blaze, but the house was badly damaged and the fire spread to a neighbouring property.

A post from Allendale Community Fire Station and Crew on social media said: "So many people turned up at the station tonight at 7.30pm to applaud us and say thank you. We are all so very humbled by what happened. It was amazing.

"We thought we were there to debrief the weekend's incidents. How wrong could we be?

"We are just normal people doing a job, but standing there being applauded by you, our friends, families, colleagues and fellow Allendale residents, made us all feel very special."

Local resident Matty Robson set up a crowd funding page to raise money for the family. Donations can be made at