A VILLAGE'S science fiction museum is set to feature in a new documentary about Doctor Who and how fans have coped during lockdown.

Film cameras will be heading to the Museum of Sci-Fi on Market Place, Allendale which is owned by Neil Cole, later this year for the documentary, which will made by legendary Doctor Who filmmaker Keith Barnfather.

The new film, ‘Lockdown’, will focus on fans of the show and their experiences during lockdown, and how Doctor Who has helped them through social distancing. The show is due to be filmed at the museum in October, before it is released as a DVD. Keith describing the museum, under Neil’s house, as the “ultimate fan’s dream.”

The documentary will be presented by actress Sophie Aldred, who starred as Ace, the seventh Doctor’s assistant in the late 1980s.

Neil was delighted when the opportunity arose.

He said: “Keith Barnfather runs a company called Reeltime Pictures, which has been going since the 80s.

“Keith was looking for quirky sites to film his links.

“It will be going right to the core audience and it means he loves the museum.”

Neil is also planning for a reopening to showcase some improvements he’s made to the museum.

He continued: “I’ve just been able to get on during lockdown and the museum is so much better.

“There’s so much stuff. It’s more what I would have wanted it when I opened. Anyone who has been before will say it’s worth a revisit, so I thought we would have a grand reopening.

“I was actually planning on inviting Sophie to reopen the museum and unveil the new, all steel Dalek – which is on wheels.

“It’s all worked out really well – Sophie is going to open the museum and Keith is going to film it.”