TOURISTS have been urged to avoid a hidden Tynedale beauty spot after an increase of visitors during the lockdown period.

The ‘Blue Lagoon’, near Fourstones, has attracted walkers, sunbathers and swimmers for many years with some travelling hundreds of miles to experience the startling green and blue waters.

However police and residents have urged tourists to stay away from the site, citing its polluted waters and unsafe surroundings.

A Facebook post from one individual, which encouraged visitors to stay away from the site, was shared more than 1,100 times.

But people from across the North-East continue to post their photos after visiting the site while also sharing directions and local postcodes.

Commenting on the increase in the number of cars travelling through Fourstones and Newbrough, resident Paula Harrison said “It’s horrendous.”

“The main concern in the villages is the number of people coming in from higher risk areas,” she said.

“We have got a lot of vulnerable people around here and locals are now frightened of going out.

“People are dumping their cars and speeding; there is no concern for others.”

Northumbria Police Neighbourhood Inspector Pam Bridges said: “We have been made aware of members of the public visiting the site, which is privately owned and therefore not open to the public.

“Advice and guidance have been given to the landowner to help secure the area.

“Officers have attended and will continue to take positive action to address any anti-social behaviour or criminal offences taking place.”

Insp. Bridges also warned the public of the dangers of jumping and swimming in deep water, especially due to the cold temperatures.

“It’s not healthy water,” Paula added.

“A couple of years ago somebody broke their neck after jumping in the water and there’s apparently cars at the bottom.”

In March, Derbyshire police force took drastic measures to prevent gatherings by dyeing a 'blue lagoon' black.

The force said it hoped the tactic would make the site look “less appealing”.