A CARE company that operates a Tyne Valley home for the elderly has backed a campaign to show appreciation for carers.

Wellburn, which runs Wellburn House in Ovingham, has backed the launch of the We Care badge campaign.

The badge acts as a symbol of appreciation for care sector workers nationwide.

Wellburn’s chairman Rachel Beckett explained why the company had backed the badges.

She said:“These last few months have been as tough as they get for all of my amazing staff.

“We wanted to do something positive and exciting for them and for every single person working in the care sector across the country, who’ve been tirelessly and bravely putting themselves in harm’s way, day in day out, to protect our most vulnerable and needy.

“We wanted something simple, bold and colourful that encouraged as many people to get involved as possible.

“The We Care badge and campaign is a symbol of hope – to say we appreciate you, and we’re in this together. To send the message – we care.”

The We Care badge has been on sale since April 30, and is available for £2.50 from showwecare.co.uk

All profits from sales of the badge go to the Care Worker’s Charity (CWC).

CWC chief executive Karolina Gerlish said: “We’re delighted to be involved in this wonderful and positive campaign. For all those working in the care sector, this will be a breath of fresh air during such tremendously difficult times.

“Offering something symbolic, even something as simple as a badge, will send a clear message and show each and every one of those working in care, that we support them – that we care.”