AN actor who hails from the Tyne Valley is set to perform live on social media to thousands of viewers this weekend.

William Reay, who is originally from Bellingham, will perform a monologue as part of the Coronavirus Theatre Club, set up by North-East actor Brian Lonsdale.

The club sees actors go live on Twitter and perform new writing. Last week, actor Joe Caffery performed a piece written by former Police frontman Sting.

William, who is now based in London, is set to play Jason in the fourth instalment of Otherly Love, written by Brian Lonsdale. The piece takes the form of an intertwining story from different characters in different times.

William said: “It’s very funny – but it’s very rude. It’s not for the easily offended. It’s proper Geordie humour.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it had another life after this, because it’s a good piece. You never know where this work might lead.

“I said to Brian it was the North-East’s answer to Pulp Fiction, making him the Geordie Quentin Tarantino”.

“There’s a scene of actors who do a lot of live theatre in Newcastle. I saw it happening on Twitter with all these great North-East Actors, so I sent in an audition tape.

“It’s a bit odd doing it where I can see myself because it’s all on Zoom.

“I’d had quite a busy start to the year. I had a part in Sunday for Sammy and a guest role in a film just before lockdown called Boogey Man by Jamio Films, but then coronavirus happened!”

William’s performance is scheduled for 7pm on Saturday.