A LOCAL crafting group came to the rescue of a care home which was in need of additional stocks of PPE.

The registered manager of the Charlotte Straker project in Corbridge, Marilyn Hunter, asked local group the Crafty Women if they could quickly sew 24 new protective gowns for the Charlotte Straker staff.

The chairwoman of Crafty Women, Rosie Cunningham, then created a YouTube video showing how the gowns should be made.

Then 24 packs of material and instructions were delivered to volunteer seamstresses who went straight to work to stitch the gowns.

Marilyn said the material was hard-wearing cotton which could be washed at high temperatures and reused. Once the gowns were ready they were collected by volunteers and taken back to the care home for staff to use.

Marilyn added: “We are so grateful that our community is helping us during this difficult time. Thank you very much to the Crafty Women for jumping to action and making the new gowns. Our staff are very appreciative and say thank you to all our volunteer seamstresses.”