BORIS Johnson has laid out a ‘road map’ for a return to normality from the Covid-19 nightmare.

Speaking to the entire nation at 7pm yesterday he said that deliverance from the most “vicious threat this country has faced in my lifetime” depends on science and data.

He said: “It is now almost two months since the people of this country began to put up with restrictions on their freedom, of a kind that we have never seen before in peace or war.

“And though the death toll has been tragic, and the suffering immense.

“It is a fact that by adopting those measures we prevented this country from being engulfed by what could have been a catastrophe.”

Progress he said could only be made however when five key tests are satisfied.

These include ensuring the NHS won’t be overwhelmed, data showing sustained falls in the death rate, falls in the infection rate, ensuring there is enough PPE and finally ensuring the reproduction rate of the disease continues to plummet.

A Covid Alert System will be implemented which will tell the Government how stringent measures have to be, it will work at levels one to five. He said we are now moving towards level three.

The Government will now put the emphasis on getting people who can’t work from home back to work.

He said: “We now need to stress that anyone who can’t work from home, for instance those in construction or manufacturing, should be actively encouraged to go to work.

“So work from home if you can, but you should go to work if you can’t work from home.”

From this Wednesday people could take unlimited amounts of outdoor exercise but social distancing still applies. He added: “You can sit in the sun in your local park, you can drive to other destinations, you can even play sports but only with members of your own household.”

In June some schools and shops could be in position for a phased reopening.

And by July, he said some of the hospitality industry could reopen.

The Government also announced quarantine on people coming into the UK by air.