A NORTHUMBERLAND sheep farmer has recorded her experience of lambing during the coronavirus lockdown.

At this time of year, Rachel Raine, who farms at Townfoot Farm near East Woodburn, would normally be juggling the end of the lambing season with her and her family's commitments to the youngsRPS Sheep Section at Northumberland County Show.

But with the show cancelled, Rachel - the third generation of her family to hold the title of Sheep Section Chief Steward - has been reflecting on the season at this, the strangest of times.

Rachel explained that for farmers, work continues very much as before, but even more isolated than ever.

She said: “Lockdown has not been as hard for us as for others; we have plenty of space so we are not under each other’s feet, and there has been lots to do. We do miss the human contact though and being able to get out to see people.”

Rachel has been keeping notes and recording her thoughts from early March to May.

She wrote: "The arrival of the first pure Texel lamb is a sight for sore eyes. The Texel is not the easiest of sheep to deal with at lambing time.

“As March moves on, the mule ewes come into the shed. This is a new venture for us. The arrival of the first Texel Cross lambs at Townfoot is hotly anticipated!”

“It has been a really successful lambing. We have lost very few lambs, thanks to them being indoors. The Texel Cross lambs are fantastic and very high quality. I am so pleased with them! After working twenty hours a day, there are now only seven ewes left to lamb. "