A PHYSIOTHERAPIST is planning to make physiotherapy accessible to everyone with the opening of her new premises.

Sara Mather, who has so far been running her business InSync Physio from Hexham Community Centre, is just weeks away from completing work on her new premises on Burn Lane.

The business will take up several units on the industrial estate which will house her new rehabilitation centre, bringing together hands-on therapy, strength and conditioning and wellbeing under one roof. Work is due to be complete in around two weeks, while people will be able to begin using it when social distancing restrictions are lifted.

It will provide an on-site gym, strength and conditioning gym and studio and rehabilitation for injury and illness.

By linking with Adapt, also based at Burn Lane, Sara has been able to ensure disabled access, access to equipment such as hoists and the use of the charity's transport service.

Sarah said: "Someone with chronic pain or MS might not want to go to the gym, but they might feel more comfortable doing a bespoke tailored exercise programme while seeing their physiotherapist.

"Having the rehabilitation and strength and conditioning suite goes with my motto which is 'move better, feel better, breathe better'. That's what it is going to incorporate. It's not about elite sports, its about affordable health care for everybody."

She said the closest centre of its kind was in Newcastle, and demand for these services in Tynedale is high.

"We live in such a rural area and access to services is difficult anyway so to exclude anybody is not what I want to do. I am from this area and the community values I was brought up with they are reflected in this business."

In line with these community values, Sara is sending out free home exercise programmes to people who are shielding from the virus.