LOCAL dignitaries, personalities and Hexham Courant readers from across Tynedale have sent well wishes to Captain Tom Moore as he reaches his 100th birthday.

Hexham’s MP Guy Opperman led the tributes to the fund-raiser who has raised close to £30m for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden.

Mr Opperman said: “Tom Moore represents the very best of British – brave and selfless and a true hero. Many happy returns on reaching this amazing milestone Captain Tom.”

Hexham’s five time Olympian, rower Matt Wells, said: “Not all heroes wear cape. We have always believed this but this has never been as factual a statement as it is now. We have all of us every single one been affected by the COVID-19 virus in many different ways. It is a virus which has united us globally but each of us has fought it in our own way. There have been so many people who have the nations hopes and fears on their shoulders and they have stepped up to fight. Everyday we turn on our television sets we see someone else standing up to be counted which is exactly what Captain Tom Moore has done. He has once again stood up for the people of this country and once again has done it with dignity and courage and shown us all that this is a fight which we can win and we each can play our part. Captain Tom Moore is a massive inspiration to all of us and from him we can learn so much about doing our part. We are in this together!”

Tynedale Cricket Club wished Captain Tom well, saying: “Happy Birthday, and congratulations on bringing up your century, Captain Moore. A fantastic innings, and one that our country is very thankful for. Your phenomenal fund-raising effort has inspired many and will change lives in unimaginable ways during these challenging times.”

“From everyone at Tynedale Cricket Club, we wish you all the best, and thank you for your outstanding contribution.”

Hexham Elvaston Bowling Club member Matthew Sinclair said:“Happy Birthday Captain Tom. During a global pandemic, there are very few good news stories. However, Captain Tom has shown us all the power of positive action. “Having served in India and Burma during the Second World War he was already a hero. His recent fund-raising efforts are truly inspirational!”

Judith Weir, the secretary at Wark Royal British Legion, said: “We all appreciate what he has done and think it’s a marvellous achievement. Most of our members are elderly like Tom and sitting in the house twiddling their thumbs, restricted to limited amount of exercise.”

PE teacher Bruce Vause, from Prudhoe, commented: “In difficult times, Captain Tom has proved to be an inspiration to the British public. Happy Birthday Tom Moore- we salute you!”

Retired Warrant Officer (CSM) infantry Cleeve Langdon, also from Prudhoe, said: “Happy 100th birthday Captain. You have shown amazing effort and determination that we are thankful for. A credit to your regiment, the country and humanity.”

Coun. Gordon Stewart, Northumberland County Councillor for Prudhoe South, said: "Happy birthday Captain Tom, a true British gentleman who is now an icon and inspiration to everyone in this country. Thank you."

Coun. Cath Homer, Northumberland County Councillor for Hexham East, said: “Happy Birthday Captain Tom. You’ve captured the spirit of a generation and serve as an inspiration to us all. We salute you.”

Hexham Courant readers said the following:

Michael Allan: "What an amazing inspiration to the nation Captain Tom Moore is, at a time when inspiration and hope is very much needed. His target was to raise £1000 for NHS Charities Together, and he's going to raise at least 30,000 times that sum. A fantastic achievement, both individually and as a country. Many Happy Returns!"

Joanne Mckenna: "Happy Birthday Captain Tom, your spirit has inspired us all in these difficult times have a lovely day we're all thinking about you X."

Claire Burrows Richardson: "Happy 100th birthday to a truly inspirational man from the staff and residents of Elm Bank Care Home in Hexham."

Jennie Wright: "Thank you Captain Tom for restoring our faith in humanity and all you have done for us and your country. You're truly an inspiration and the most deserving sponsor there has ever been xx."

Charlotte Ridley: "A truly amazing man. Thank you and Happy Birthday xx."

Stacey May: "Happy Birthday to a wonderful fella... a true inspiration to us all."

Sandra Maclean: "Happy birthday Captain Tom, you are truly an amazing man, for your service in the forces and astounding fund raising for the NHS. Thank you. xx."

Visit Hexham: "Happy 100th Birthday Captain Tom, an officer and a gentleman!"

Caroline Miskin: "All residents and staff at Dene Grange care home in Hexham would like to wish captain Tom a massive happy 100th birthday, you are an amazing man and a true hero xxx."

Ashley Hicks: "Happy birthday. You are such an inspiration & doing so much for our country; again. Thank you!x."

Mandy Ferrol: "Happy Birthday Captain Tom, you are amazing and I'm very proud of the huge effort you have put in to help the NHS. Hope you have a super day just like you xxx."

Catherine Robson: "To a hero, from working the frontline to now working to support our frontline you encouraged us all Captain Tom to do better, be better and reminded us of the true Great British spirit. Happy 100th Birthday! x"

Judith Turnbull: "Happy 100th birthday. Captain Tom you are an officer and a gentleman and an inspiration to us all xx stay safe xx."

Michelle Golightly: "Captain Tom you have captured our hearts!!! You are an inspiration to us all, a truly amazing and genuine gentleman. We are all so grateful to you for what you have brought to us in these difficult, uncertain times. So from our family to yours .... thank you for everything and much love. Happy 100th Birthday Sir Captain Tom. Enjoy YOUR day!! xxx"

Mark Hardy: "Happy birthday Tom, done your country very proud... Again!"

Lilly Smith: "Very happy birthday Captain Tom. Thank you."

Julie Campbell: "Happy 100th Birthday to an absolute Hero!! An amazing man, well done for everything you have done for the equally amazing NHS xx"

Jane Killmister: "A truly inspiring gentleman in every sense of the word. Happy birthday. Xx"

Dot Kendrick: "Happy 100th Birthday Captain Tom. You are a wonderful man, a hero and a role model for us all. Xx"

Ken Taylor: "Happy 100th Birthday. We are so proud of you and your Great British values. You are a Hero Sir. God Bless You."

Katy Brown: "Happy 100th Birthday Captain Tom. You are a true inspiration."

Samantha Beavers: "It’s an honour to wish you Captain Tom a very Happy 100th birthday, thank you. An officer & gentleman."

Elizabeth Dent: "Happy Birthday Captain Tom, you are truly amazing. Xx"

Shirley Bryant: "Huge birthday, congratulations captain Tom, you are truly an inspiration to everyone x a real gentlemen 100 year old legend."

Sarah Newton: "To an amazing man Captain Tom, Happy Birthday xx."

Marie Edwards: "Happy 100th birthday Captain Tom, have an amazing time x"

Pat Batey: "To Our 100 year old record breaker, congratulations to a true champion. Happy birthday."

Keith Laidlow: "Happy 100th Birthday Captain Tom. You are inspiring."

Lorna Adamson: "A Huge Happy Birthday, a true legend well done for what you have achieved x"

Susan Hall: "Happy 100th birthday Captain Tom, a true hero x"

Bernie Harrison: "Happy Birthday Sir."

Shauna Hardy: "Happy 100th Captain Tom, what a true gentleman xxxx"

Pamela Lawson: "Happy birthday to a true legend xx"

Tristan Lincoln: "Great man, happy birthday."

Nigel Murray: "Thank you! Happy birthday!"

Neill Nixon: "Happy birthday to an absolute belter."

Kay Wharton Hall: "Happy 100th Birthday Captain Tom x A true gentleman."

Emma Law Hodgson: "Happy 100th birthday Captain Tom x"

Artem Taloyev: "Happy 100th birthday sir captain Tom."