The Post Office has written to customers to let them know of changes to the Budget Card Plus Scheme.

Due to regulatory changes the scheme has been forced to close because the Post Office can not longer support the product.

In a letter informing customers of the closure of the card the following information was provided:

  • From Monday, June 29 you will no longer be able to top up your budget card plus account at your local Post Office branch
  • You can continue to use your card to pay bills or buy One4all gift cards at the Post Office until your current card has zero balance or expires.
  • If you do not use up all of the funds on your card before it expires you can contact the helpline on 0345 070 2403 for a full refund on the remaining balance. Alternatively the remaining funds can be transferred to a One4all gift card up to £120.

For anyone who has any further questions, contact the helpline on 0345 070 2403 or email