A KEEN sportsman ran 26.2 miles - the equivalent of a marathon - in his garden over the weekend.

Michael Fulthorpe and his two sons Max (8) and Will (11) took part in the #TwoPointSixChallenge on Sunday.

The challenge, which has seen people run, walk or cycle 2.6 miles, aims to support charities affected by the cancellation of sporting and fundraising events.

Michael, the managing director of Stormcast Sales Consultancy Limited, said: “My wife Gail works for Virgin Money and I found out about the #TwoPointSixChallenge through her.”

The London Marathon, organised by Virgin Money, which was due to take place on April 26, is the world's biggest one-day fundraising event.

The family completed the #TwoPointSixChallenge, which saw Michael run 26.2 miles and his sons run 2.6 miles, from their garden on Stocksfield’s New Ridley Road.

“At work I help businesses to build high performing teams, so I always enjoy a challenge and setting goals, said Michael.

“And during this time, it has become even more important to keep people focused and motivated, inside and outside of work.

“Strangely running around the garden 1300 times in a circle seemed a normal thing to do.

“My son enjoyed it so much, he even decided to carry on and do 6 miles with me.”

The challenge has proved popular online with sporting legends, including Jonny Wilkinson, also getting involved.

Michael added: “I’ve ran marathons in the past, in London, Chicago and Amsterdam, but this was far harder than any of them.

“But, as a sports coach at Stocksfield Football Club, thinking up challenges and having a go has become the norm for us.

“We have been finding ways to keep the kids fit generally, but also have been doing things to keep them occupied and motivated during the current crisis.”

The family have made a donation to the British Heart Foundation, which is a charity close to their hearts, as over £6,983,449. 34 has been raised nationally so far.

The money will be used to support charities who have had to reduce or stop their services because of the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

For more information or to get involved, visit www.twopointsixchallenge.co.uk.