A PHOTOGRAPHER has launched a project to capture the life of a Tynedale village in lockdown.

Alice Stroyan, from Stocksfield, has been photographing families from their front doors to document hope and positivity as the nation experiences another week of quarantine.

“Seeing families together is really liberating for me,” she said. “It’s been great to capture the memories of so many people throughout the village.”

The mother-of-two said the spring season would usually be the start of the busiest time of year for her business, but Covid-19 has suspended all work.

Eager to continue with her passion for photography, Alice began photographing her neighbours on her street.

“It was not originally my idea, I have to admit,”she said. “One friend said someone in Liverpool was taking photos of local residents from their homes.

“I was thinking I might get some stick for it, but it’s my job at the end of the day. I thought there’s noting to lose.

“I am strictly following the Government guidelines and all shoots are taken with a zoom lens, at least two metres away and social distancing is observed at all times.”

Alice posted a selection of photos on social media as part of a status enquiring if the local community would be interested.

“The response has taken off,” Alice said. “There’s been a lot of people messaging me asking if I could come to them.

“If lockdown measures are lifted slightly I will be able to travel further afield to other villages.”

Despite losing out on jobs later this year including weddings, Alice is carrying out the photo project free of charge. Residents are encouraged to donate to the NHS or their charity of choice.

Photographs taken as part of the project will create a Lockdown in Stocksfield photobook in the future, Alice said.

She explained: “This is a massive part of the local history. The results so far have been lovely. I am thinking that it would be nice to continue them even after the lockdown ends.

“It would be really interesting to look back on when all the children in the area are grown up to see everyone who lived in Stocksfield.”

There are also plans to photograph neighbours celebrating the weekly NHS Clap for Carers from their doorsteps on Thursday nights.

After formerly working as a swimming teacher at Slaley Hall, Alice turned her passion of photography into full-time work a year and a half ago.

She added: “Photography has kept me going and given me a purpose. I spent three or four weeks of not being a photographer any more, but I started to pick the camera up again.

“I have got two young children who are my passion and that’s why I started photography.”