TWO sporting groups in Prudhoe have loaned their mobile defibrillators to a medical centre and a care home for the duration of the coronavirus crisis.

Prudhoe Park Run has lent its machine to Prudhoe Medical Group’s hub support, while Prudhoe Youth Club Football Club’s machine will be going to Redbrick care home.

It followed an appeal from county councillor Gordon Stewart, who represents Prudhoe South.

Coun. Stewart urged sports clubs and anyone who had a portable defib to make them available to care homes or businesses during the crisis, with many likely to be lying unused due to the cancellation of sporting events.

He said: “Due to the coronavirus crisis, many defibrillators may be unused for the next few weeks and gathering dust.

“These could be put to good use in other locations close to where you are based on a short term loan basis. They could go to a care home or a business that is still operating.

“Two kind offers have already been made by Prudhoe clubs. I’m delighted that local sports clubs have responded to the call to support the care homes and other healthcare establishments.

“I’m sure they will be graciously received. If you have a defibrillator you would like to loan out or would like to borrow one if they become available please let us know.”