AN AMAZING nine-year-old girl who cares for her poorly mum has just saved her life - for the sixth time.

Superhero Sienna Hamnett-Chow first brought her mum back from the brink when she was just FOUR.

Mum Gemma Hamnett, 37, regularly collapses and Sienna not only calls the emergency services but has to administer a life-saving injection.

Gemma has a rare adrenal gland condition Addison's disease that results from problem with the immune system.

It means her body attacks the adrenal gland, disrupting the production of the steroid hormones aldosterone and cortisol.

So if Gemma were to just stub her toe, she would need a shot of steroids to replace the hormones her body does not produce.

However, if anything happens suddenly, she has no warning and can have what's called an adrenal crisis and collapse unconscious.

If she doesn't have an immediate injection of hormones within eight minutes of this happening she could die.

During the lastest incident Gemma had a panic attack caused by worrying about her health while she and Sienna were in isolation.

The sudden surge in hormones caused Gemma to blackout - with Sienna jumping into action.

Despite the terrifying situation, Gemma says Sienna remained "calm and relaxed" as she gave her her life-saving injection.

Sienna is now so used to it her mum calls her daughter her "angel".

Single mum Gemma, of Blackpool, Lancs., said: “She has saved my life about six times now.

''When an adrenal crisis happens I need to have emergency injection and Sienna knows what to do.

“She has to draw the insulin from a glass and inject it into me while I am unconscious.

"She also rings for an ambulance but because my condition is so rare, some paramedics have to research it when they arrive.

“I can’t move or speak when it happens but I can hear what is going on and Sienna knows what she has to do.

"It can be as little as eight minutes when it could be fatal unless I have the injection so Sienna is definitely my little angel.”

In the latest emergency incident police had attended after the 999 call, and they were so impressed with how Sienna handled the whole situation they returned later with a Trauma Teddy as a reward for saving her mum.

Trauma Teddies are home-made and are handed out by front line staff to children they meet to give them extra comfort.

Sienna was praised by PC Claire Sloane, of Blackpool Police’s Immediate Response team.

She said: “Myself and my colleague attended to concerns for Gemma and Sienna.

"Sienna was extremely calm and very positive despite Gemma having a medical episode.

“Sienna was very knowledgeable and told me the medical terms of all Gemma’s conditions and even explained to me how she manages them.

"Without any hesitation, Sienna injected Gemma with the required medication to prevent a decline in ill health.

“Sienna told me all about her school and home life as a young carer and I could not believe how enthusiastic she was about everything.

"Sienna deserves a medal, she is kind and caring and doesn’t realise how amazing she is.”

Gemma worked for Lancashire Police for 11 years until being medically retired last year.

She has suffered from the condition since she was seven-years-old but was only diagnosed in 2010.

She said: “Sienna is my angel for sure and I am so grateful that she is getting some recognition for the hard work she does.

"During crazy times like this, it’s making people not take life for granted as many do without realising.

“Sienna is a young ambassador at her school as well as a young carers ambassador but until incidents like what happened to me, people don’t realise how important she is in my life.”

Around 8,400 people in the UK suffer from Addison’s disease.

It can affect people of any age, although it is most common between the ages of 30 and 50.

It’s also more common for women than it is for men.