A PAIR of police community support officers have been captured on camera playing a game of HOPSCOTCH in the street while on duty.

Comical footage captured the uniformed officers hopping and skipping along the pavement after the markings were painted on the floor by a five-year-old boy.

Derbyshire Police shared the clip after PCSOs Fiona Clancy and Holly Meadows were unwittingly caught on CCTV while on patrol in Matlock, Derbys., on Tuesday (14/4).

They can be seen jumping through the hopscotch game which youngster Ted Bailey-Bowler drew on the pavement for his birthday last week.

The force wrote on Twitter: "Officers in #Matlock have been #CaughtOnCamera... using a hopscotch that a 5-year-old had painted on the floor outside his house.

"Thank you to mum for sharing this footage with us, and to the PCSOs for hopscotching like no-one was watching!"

The force's Police Contact Centre had earlier tweeted: "Matlock SNT hop, skip and jumping whilst on patrol yesterday!

"Ted Bailey-Bowler (5) with a little help from Mum used his chalks to make some fun for anyone going past and we love it!

"In these difficult times it is important to share things that make others smile! #thankyou."

A spokesperson for Derbyshire Police said: "Our officers are out on patrol across the county, engaging with the public and keeping people safe.

"We enjoy seeing the rainbows, pictures and other art children have created and even officers enjoy hop scotch from time to time.

"Thank you to this family for brightening their shift.”

Many social media users praised the officers from Matlock Safer Neighbourhood Team for brightening their day but others were more critical of their actions.

Stephen Carruthers wrote: "Essential travel? No. They clearly left their homes to play on a hopscotch! NOT essential travel."

Jamie Burgess added: "Should be out catching crooks instead of hopping about the streets. What is this nonsense?"

A web user called Right Hand Of Doom added: "P**s poor social distancing...Lead from the front be the example."

Dan Oldfield said: "Surprised that the parents haven’t been fined for it as it’s proof they havent been staying in there home"

However, Zoe Parnell put: "Lovely x keep up your amazing good spirits officers x keep safe x"

Fran Jones added: "Ignore any haters, this is heartwarming to see. Police are human too. In these strange times, we all need a lift."