A Stocksfield dancer is set to star in a Channel 4 online series.

Kate Stanforth, who suffers from ME and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) was contacted by producers, after streaming free inclusive dance lessons online.

Kate, who teaches youngsters at JLJ Dance Studios, in Ryton, from her wheelchair, said: “I am shielding for 12 weeks, which is why I set up the classes. The chronic illness community are even more isolated than before, so I put out a call on social media, which over 40 people responded to.”

The dance classes, which will be shown in May, are based on disability, isolation and Covid-19, and pay tribute to key workers through sign and applause.

Kate, who was the first disabled dancer to appear in a mainstream ad campaign for Asda, said: “During the coronavirus pandemic, I have definitely seen the industry change and I can only hope it’s the start of a continuing process.

“Dance is becoming more accessible as theatres and studios offer virtual sessions”, she added.

And as ME awareness week approaches, on May 11, Kate is lending a helping hand, in her role as social media manager, to support vulnerable individuals throughout the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.