A TOWN was angered when the good nature of a community hub was abused while volunteers were out delivering Easter Eggs to children.

The Miners Lamp Cafe in Prudhoe has been providing residents with a 'pay as you feel' stall during the coronavirus crisis, with various goods on offer for a donation of their choice.

But volunteers were upset at the weekend when residents took advantage of the stall being unmanned.

Trustee Russ Greig said: “We had lots of spare produce outside and it was there for people to take, but people went ridiculous.

“Someone also took lots of plants that were down the side of the building - they were meant to be planted in the park.

“It’s just one of those things, we’ll learn from our mistakes. It will be the last time we leave stuff out unaccompanied.”

However, the issue didn’t stop Russ and other volunteers dressed in animal costumes handing out 500 eggs over the Easter weekend. He continued: “Our charity bought just over 500 Easter eggs which we gave out over three days Friday to Sunday to children in the West Wylam and Oaklands areas of Prudhoe, walking all the streets and leaving eggs on doorsteps or gateways, as well as residents at the Manors and Redbrick House. We wanted to do this to try and encourage children to stay home, but also to make the lockdown over Easter that little bit more bearable for children and parents.

“As we toured the streets, we played children’s songs on a loud speaker interspersed with songs entitled ‘stay at home’.

“It was wonderful to see the smiles on children’s faces, and it was also heartwarming to see so many older people at their doors and window bringing a smile to their faces."

“We also received donated Easter eggs from Tesco which were given out to families who we support.”