THE company responsible for powering homes across the North-East is giving an insight into how it works on national TV.

Northern Powergrid delivers power to 3.9 million homes and businesses across the North-East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire and is featuring as part of a new nationally broadcast BBC One programme called ‘Night Force’.

The programme started airing on weekdays from Monday, April 6 at 11.45am.

It tells the story of the hard work that goes on every night to ensure the region has the essential services it needs every day, covering everything from transport and road workers – to showcasing the people behind the power.

Northern Powergrid is expected to feature in the episode currently planned for April 16.

As part of the series, colleagues from Northern Powergrid were filmed at work. The programme followed electricity first responder, Lenny Houghton, out in the community supporting customers and dispatchers Anthony Patterson and Kenny Lee who mobilise Northern Powergrid’s teams to respond to any issues affecting the region’s power network.

The programme makers also spent time with Network Control Manager Paul Richardson, looking at how the company managed its high voltage power network remotely, and contact centre advisors Reece Gray, Lesley Bradley and Reuben Drane, helping customers who called 105.