WEIGHING in at an incredible 22lbs, this new born lamb is significantly larger than any other sheep born in the area.

Teenage farmer Elizabeth Nixon (19) and her father David, who farm at Hesleywell in Steel, Hexhamshire, were shocked when the Texel X lamb hit 22lbs on the scales, just shy of 10kg.

It was just two lbs off the current holder of the Guinness World Record for heaviest newborn sheep.

Elizabeth said: “We don’t usually weigh the lambs but, when we saw the sheer size of him, we just knew he was massive.

“We were stood looking at this lamb, thinking ‘how has it just been born?’ it was that big.

“He and his mother are both out in the field and doing really well.

“He is one of those running and jumping around everywhere and, in all this doom and gloom, there is nothing better than watching a little lamb prancing in the field.”