TOWN councils are leading the drive to ensure their most vulnerable residents are supported during the coronavirus crisis.

In Prudhoe, the town council sent out leaflets to every address in the town to inform residents of the support available as well as contact details to allow people to access that support.

Councillors have been out delivering supplies and medication to residents in need. The town’s mayor, Coun. Tracy Gilmore, said the volunteers had been extremely busy already.

“It’s been manic!” she said, “But we’re getting a system in place. We’ve each got a designated day where we go out and deliver prescriptions.

“The town council is placed to do it rather than people going out left right and centre. People are really responding well, they’re very very grateful and we’re getting lovely positive feedback.

“We’re taking all the precautions. We will make sure people continue to get help – we even have people in back up!”

Meanwhile in Hexham, more than 100 people have volunteered for the Hexham Community Together group. The volunteers are being co-ordinated by Hexham Town Council, with those who would like to help asked to ring (01434) 609575 or email

Coun. Cath Homer, who represents Hexham East, praised those who had come forward.

“Thank you to all those that are waiting patiently to help. Silence does not mean lack of interest. In this situation, silence is a positive.

“For those of you needing help with shopping or prescriptions, please call (01434) 600599.

“Please do not wait until the last item of food is eaten or the last tablet is taken.”