A PLANNED referendum, which would see the people of Hexham vote on future development in the town, has been postponed.

The Hexham Neighbourhood Plan referendum was due to take place on April 23, but last week Hexham’s mayor Bob Hull confirmed it would not take place.

The Hexham Neighbourhood Plan, which was submitted last year, will set out a vision for how development in the town will look in the future.

If it is adopted by residents following a referendum, any new development that requires planning permission will need to be assessed against its policies and it will become part of the statutory development plan.

If more than 50 per cent of the community votes in favour of the plan, the county council must then adopt it as new planning policy.

As part of the government guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus, local and mayoral elections in England will also be put on hold. No new date has been set for the referendum on Hexham Neighbourhood Plan.