A VILLAGE car park has been closed to the public after police raised concerns about visitors continuing to visit the area despite coronavirus restrictions.

The Corbridge village car park, which is on the south side of the river on the entrance to the village, was closed on Saturday by Northumberland County Council.

It comes after the council closed car parks elsewhere in the county last week as a way of deterring visitors from visiting popular tourist destinations.

The council said Northumbria Police had requested the closure of the car park in Corbridge at the weekend, after raising concerns about the number of visitors still visiting the area.

A spokesman for Northumberland County Council said: “We have maintained the closure to reinforce compliance with the Government restrictions on only essential travel, social distancing and avoidance of gatherings.

“It’s vital people heed this advice to help save lives.”

While the Government has told people to stay at home, except for specific things such as shopping for necessities and medical reasons, some visitors have continued to visit rural areas.

People are able to leave their homes for one form of exercise per day, but the Government this week urged people to do this local to their homes.