POLICE have warned residents to be on the look-out for phoney websites offering fake products like hand sanitizer and cures during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The advice came from the Dumfries & Galloway Police Division, part of Police Scotland, who told people to beware of these websites selling products such as hand gels, soaps and even offering cures or testing kits.

A spokesman said: "Criminals are cashing in on this pandemic by selling fake testing kits, homemade hand sanitisers or soaps and health supplements that claim to prevent infection from the Coronavirus.

"Don’t let them fool you."

Advice to keep safe online includes only buying from trusted retailers and "thinking twice" if the offer sounds too good to be true.

Residents can also go to advice.scot on 0808 164 6000.

Alternatively go online: www.scotland.police.uk/keep-safe/personal-safety/shut-out-scammers