A PRUDHOE author has shared his painful experience of coronavirus after he was diagnosed with Covid-19 at the weekend.

Scott Dixon (49), who is originally from Prudhoe but relocated in Edinburgh in 2013, has been in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary over the weekend, receiving treatment after testing positive for the virus.

Describing his stay in hospital, he said: "The howls of pain on this coronavirus ward will never leave me.

"It is worse than you can ever imagine. Please adhere to the advice - you really wouldn't want to be where I am right now. 

"It's so difficult to cope with for everyone involved."

Mr Dixon, who was due to leave hospital on Monday evening, also recounted how he knew he had the symptoms of the virus.

He said he was reluctant to call 999 initially as he knew the system would be under pressure, but eventually made the call after he became severely ill. 

He said: "What started as aches, shivers and pains quickly descended in to a never ending splitting headache, cycles of clammy and sweaty palpitations and not even being able to keep water and paracetamol down at one point. 

"I now have a rasping cough and shortness of breath and I am still confined to my bed for about 20 hours a day. 

"The headache is coming and going. I'm completely wiped out and dried out with no appetite at all. I have lost about 9lbs in 10 days or so."