COUNCILLORS in Haydon Bridge have teamed up with local authorities in a bid to protect the village from future floods.

In the aftermath of Storm Desmond in 2015, it was agreed by the Environment Agency, Northumbrian Water and Northumberland County Council that improvements would be needed to upgrade all drainage systems and defences to lessen the chances of flooding.

At a recent meeting between the parish council and the authorities, councillors pushed for further action after the village was badly flooded once again during Storm Ciara in January.

Speaking after the meeting, Coun. Richard Snowdon said: “Haydon Bridge has suffered from flooding for a great many years from both the South Tyne and issues to do with drainage systems.

“When the river is in full spate surface water drains that normally flow into the river are restricted and this compounds the sewerage systems being inadequate.

“The topography of the village – being nestled on the floodplain with steep banks on the north and south sides of the valley – compounds the threat.

Residents of Haydon Bridge have raised more than £29,000 over the past five years for flood relief with those affected able to apply for a grant to assist with their recovery.

To date, £24,400 in grants, has been raised for 27 individual households, and grants of £1,100 each to two local businesses. A fund of £4,655 has been retained for future flood victims or for flood prevention work.

A spokesman for the county council said the authorities were working together to understand the various drainage systems in Haydon Bridge to be able to develop measures to reduce flood risk across the town.