A CONCERNED mother has spoken of her devastation this week, following the theft of her son’s Christmas gift.

Caroline Routledge, who’s 13-year-old son’s electric scooter was taken from a shed at her home in Prudhoe in an overnight raid on February 15, said: “We all feel personally about it.

“I know it is not personal and just a thief getting lucky, but it is unnerving knowing someone was in our garden at night whilst we slept.

“We looked for weeks for the perfect electric scooter and my husband drove four hours down the country to buy it for our son.

“As parents, we wish it was our items they had stolen. It was horrible seeing our son so upset by it all.

“We are now considering installing security cameras, but I think it is quite sad that it has come to this.”

Lisa Haylock, also from Prudhoe, whose husband’s tools were stolen from a parked van on February 25, said: “I was shocked it all happened.

“It has also had a financial impact on us, as my husband needs those tools to carry out his job. I now feel unsafe, having been complacent about security before this happened”.

Northumbria Police are investigating the two thefts.