THE planting of a memorial tree last week marked the end of a project which promoted dignity in care.

The Dignitree project, which promotes the national Dignity in Care campaign, has been run by Bywell-based brain and spinal injury group JS Parker Ltd along with Allendale Estates, Fine Studios CIC, based in the Scottish Borders and artist Karen Rann.

It involved arts sessions where participants created leaf-shaped structures which were combined together to create an art installation.

JS Parker regional manager Sarah Harrison said: “I got involved in the dignity champions going back to 2018.

“One of my first ever clients died in 2018 and we wanted to find a project that would help commemorate her.”

Last week, to mark the end of the project and the second anniversary of Sarah’s client Heather Payne’s death, a memorial tree was planted at the company’s base in Bywell.

Sarah said: “Allendale Estates had given us a tree to plant and a plaque in Heather’s name.

“We were hanging leaves we had all made on the tree and her husband gave a really moving speech.

“Personally for me, with her being one of my first clients, I learnt so much from her and her family.

“So this was a nice way to remember her and bring the project to an end.”