PLANS to move Alston’s Post Office into new premises have been shelved.

Last month, it was revealed that the town’s post office would move from its current premises on Front Street next door to the Crown Hotel on Monday February 24.

The move was also set to see the building open for an extra 14 hours per week and bring an end to lunchtime closing.

However, the Post Office announced last week that it would remain in its current premises after the owner decided against the move.

A letter from the Post Office’s regional change manager Kenny Lamont said: “The new agent has decided not to operate the branch from the Crown at Front Street.

“The current post office branch will therefore continue to operate from its present location.

“However, we may carry out a further local public consultation on another location in the future.

“In line with our Principles of Community Engagement, any future proposed new location would be subject to a further 6-week period of local public consultation.”

Customers will still be able to pick up delivered parcels that they missed after receiving a delivery card.

But, Royal Mail confirmed that the sorting operation at Alston, located at the post office on Front Street, would be moved 20 miles away to the Brampton Mail Centre.