A PENSIONER feels he is the victim of a personal vendetta after making three reports to police within the space of a month.

Robin Waite (79), of Rowfoot, near Haltwhistle, has claimed he feels unsafe in the remote hamlet after three recent incidents, which included finding a bed of nails protruding from a wooden block which was strategically placed next to his car wheels.

The 79-year-old said he became suspicious when he found what he described as a ‘man-made contraption’ on New Year’s Eve.

He immediately reported it to Northumbria Police as he believed it was placed close to his vehicle in the hope he would reverse over it in his car and damage his tyres.

Just 10 days later, a panel from a door in his garden was removed, and he again reported it to the police as he felt the damage could not have been caused by the recent windy weather.

At the end of January, Mr Waite was again in touch with the authorities when a neighbour pointed out he had a flat tyre. When his vehicle was taken to a mechanic, it transpired a screw and a nail had punctured the tyre.

Mr Waite said: “Getting a nail and a screw in your tyre at the same time is not that unusual, but it was a bit suspicious given the other things that have happened. I feel like I am being targeted because it seems more than a coincide that three things happened so quickly after one another.

“There is never anything like this happen in such a small place like Rowfoot, and I don’t feel safe.”

A spokeswoman for Northumbria Police confirmed the force had received three separate reports from Mr Waite. She said: “We were made aware of concerns from a member of the public in Rowfoot around damage to a car tyre. The member of the public has been spoken to by officers following inquiries and given advice on reporting any future incidents.”