It may be February, but it’s Panto time in Allendale.

More than 500 locals, visitors and regular fans packed out Allendale Village Hall to enjoy Laura Charlton’s brand new and original show; Peter Panto (and the B factor).

With the customary cast of crazy characters, ably animated by many familiar – and some new – local luvvies, the script rocketed through the unlikely events 40 years after JM Barrie’s original Peter Pan.

We meet Wendy at 90, with her knitting (played convincingly by Peter Carter), Captain Crook, Hook’s evil new wife (massacred by Nigel Baynes), those wayward sirens, Euphony and Nocturna, played by Anna and Paige Harrison, singing superbly as sirens should and, larger than life (or certainly larger than any fairies I’ve met) Tankerbell (played by Jonny Burns), on her way in her polka dot bikini to meet a real man in Love Island. Ollie the octopus (Margaret Stonehouse), with sidekick Smee (Laura Charlton) and First Mate Percy (Molly Baynes) make sure the stage is kept tidy and children get lots of sugar, while as advertised, the 100 per cent extra fairy is provided by glamorous old Blossom Bottom (Cordelia Harrison), who uses the wonderful spell ‘Neilius Coleius’ to save the day.

Laura chose brilliant songs to showcase the many talented singers in the cast; Jenny Findlay as Captain Hook, with her backing singers sang ‘The Greatest Show’ with power and intensity.

Peter Pan himself (played with energy and professionalism by Max Baynes), and only slightly grown up had a spirited duet of ‘You and Me’ from The Book of Mormon with Clippy, the helpful Microsoft paperclip (played with charm and pathos by Emma Harrison).

Her rendition of ‘Does Your Mother Know’ with Alexa (played by Tori Miller, who deserves a medal for surviving her cylindrical costume and ringleted wig) had the audience in stitches.

Franchesca Harrison’s version of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ will not be forgotten as she was assaulted by hoovers, hacksaws and leafblowers to stop her attracting fairy help. The songline of the show, however, has to go to Captain Crook, who added to ‘Sisters are doing it for Themselves’ the line

‘Standing on their own two feet and using their breasts as shelves.'

Dances were choreographed by Galiya Farley, and some of the younger members of the cast (Bridget Harrison, Heidi Miller, Yana Farley, Lucy Bell, Jess Morris) shone in set pieces such as elderly residents in the Arnison House Gangnam Style fitness routine, as baby sharks in the Synchronised Swimming Medley with the hilarious Dale-ings (Sheila Brooks and Bridget Harrison) and their graduate (but rather smelly) dog Fenton (Maggie Keen), and most memorably perhaps, supporting Tankerbell in ‘Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’ (the bikini is certainly memorable.

Sound, lighting, stage set, costumes and make-up were ably provided by the supporting crew – as prompt myself I saw how much imagination, creativity, time, patience and energy goes into bringing this fantastic show to life. It’s just a pity I can’t suggest you go and see it ‘On Tour’. Everyone is back at the day job now – until next year.

Catherine Stirling Hill