AN application to build six new homes in Melkridge has been approved by councillors.

The development includes six semi-detached three-bedroomed homes and parking on land near Greengate Lane, to the south of the village.

At the Tynedale Local Area Council meeting last Tuesday, the applicant Nick Sayer said the development would create affordable housing for families.

He said: “I have bent over backwards to try and please the objectors, but I am sure whatever scheme I produce they are against it as they don’t want this development.”

Outline planning permission for the development was initially granted in 2016, but details on access, appearance, landscaping and layout in the application were adjusted.

A decision was due in November last year, but the planning committee deferred it pending a site visit.

The plans received six objections from local residents who raised concerns over access to the properties, parking, road safety and the layout of the homes.

Speaking at the meeting, local resident Kevan Stronach, said: “Six properties are being squeezed into a place that based on the plans is not large enough.

“The properties are larger than the plot shown in the plan.

“The plots are also located on a significant slope and it’s not clear how the developer will deal with this. “