SIX teachers from the Tyne Valley headed to Ethiopia as part of an ongoing collaboration between the African country.

In a reciprocal visit after teachers from Addis Ababa visiting Tynedale in November, the North-East educators spent one week in Ethiopia as part of the Connecting Classrooms project funded by the British Council.

The project focused on the use of filters to clean dirty water and the development of model wind turbines for clean energy. Pupils in both countries were delighted to share their results on the use of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) to solve global problems.

The teachers which visited were Dr Meryl Batchelder (Corbridge Middle), Grace Dodds (St Joseph’s Middle), Christine Carruthers (Hexham Middle), Amanda Fletcher-Woods (Queen Elizabeth High), Hazel Davey (Chollerton First) and Christine Hilton (Whitley Chapel First).