A TYNEDALE family returned home on Saturday after two weeks in quarantine, following a holiday near the centre of the Coronavirus outbreak in China.

Jeff Siddle, wife Sindy and nine-year-old daughter Jasmine, from Prudhoe, had been in quarantine in the UK since Sunday, February 2, after the holiday near Wuhan.

“We got back on Saturday night and we had the best night’s sleep we’ve had in five weeks,” Jeff told the Courant this week.

“When we got to the quarantine, we were relieved that by then we knew we were in the UK and there was a definite end date of two weeks when we could leave.”

The family were part of a group of 11 British citizens who flew back from the China on a flight organised by the French government.

Jeff said: “We had it harder than the larger group of people who arrived at Arrowe Park Hospital before us. We were completely segregated.

“Once the larger group left we were able to use the common room area, which had games and communal spaces.”

While at the facility, the family were restricted in the time they could spend outside.

“Being able to go for a walk and listen to the birds outside and being able to go out when we want is a really good feeling after such a long time, and something that you take for granted,” Jeff added.

Jasmine, a pupil at Ovingham First School, celebrated her10th birthday on Friday inside the quarantine facility.

Jeff said: “The school were really helpful and kept emailing homework for Jasmine to do inside the quarantine.

“But she desperately wanted to play with her friends.

“The last week in China we were locked inside as well, so after being inside for three weeks she wanted to be able to speak to people again. Overall she seemed to cope well with it.

“It was a lot for her to take in and sometimes she couldn’t understand what was going on but she’s OK now.

“The main thing is that at least we’re now all home and safe.”