PARKING restrictions have been implemented in Ponteland in response to people misusing lay-bys when accessing Newcastle Airport.

Northumberland County Council has introduced parking permits for the areas on Cheviot Way and Prestwick Road Ends after it claimed residents requested the measures after growing frustrated about the volume of people who parked their vehicles there while heading to the airport.

A spokeswoman for the council said: “These were requested by Ponteland Town Council and the local county councillor, respectively, as a result of concerns and issues relating to people parking their vehicles there and going to the airport.

“As a result, we are implementing two experimental schemes for a one-year trial.

“A number of residents have already applied for passes for the Cheviot Way scheme.”

However, it was claimed at last week’s Ponteland Town Council meeting that the permits had caused a lot of frustration, and confusion, among residents.

Coun. Sue Johnson claimed that the zones which the permits covered was unclear, particularly after county council workers changed the signs which had been originally placed in Cheviot View.

She said: “The permit parking on Cheviot View was an error – it should have been at Prestwick.

“The residents don’t want it, but then they’re informed that it was going in. I’ve had all the residents saying that they didn’t want any of it.

“In the last week or so the signs have been turned around. One man bought a permit and none of the others did.

“When the signs were turned around, the residents were in touch with the county council and they’ve been told it’s a trial period. The mix-up is with the county council.”