EAST Tynedale was battered by heavy rain at the weekend which saw cars submerged in water and an elderly couple rescued from their vehicle.

The River Tyne burst its banks at Corbridge on Sunday, with areas around the riverside becoming flooded. Two vehicles, which were parked next to the river at the bottom of Well Bank, became submerged in water as the heavy rain persisted.

Although riverside footpaths were flooded, the village had a lucky escape compared to how it faired in the 2015 floods of Storm Desmond.

Susan Henderson, a resident on Well Bank whose home was flooded in 2015, said the water did not reach her house, although there had been damage to the garage.

Other residents in the area moved their belongings upstairs for fear of flooding, although there is not believed to have been any homes in Corbridge affected. “We are breathing a huge sigh of relief,” Susan said.

Elsewhere, the Tyne and Wear Fire Service came to an elderly couple’s aid when their car got caught in a ford near Bywell on Sunday as Storm Ciara battered the North-East. The River Tyne also broke its banks at Prudhoe, and Northumbrian Water’s pumping station in Ovingham was flooded, taking it out of action for a period.

However, a spokesman for the water company confirmed that supply was maintained to all customers.