A HIGHLAND bull has died of hypothermia after getting stuck in a deep bog caused by heavy rain and snow. 

Tony Johnson who runs Pennines Wildlife Rescue from Blackcleugh Farm in Carrshield said he found the 16-year-old bull stuck in a bog on the farm yesterday. 

The farm had been hit by heavy rain and snow over the weekend and earlier this week. 

He said: "He was around 900 kilos so we ended up having to get him out with a tractor. I had found him half submerged in water and I tried to keep his head above the water.

"The fire brigade were on the way but we just had to get him out as soon as possible. Unfortunately he died of hypothermia just after we got him out."

Tony believed the bull had lived on the farm with its brother for its whole life and had been left behind when previous owners left. He looked after it along with other animals he rescues through the charity.