10 years ago

Cold comfort: A spell of freezing temperatures across the world led to roaring trade for Haltwhistle firm Kilfrost. The business, which specialises in aircraft de-icing fluid, was seeking to employ 20 additional staff.

Parking plan: Hexham’s Mayor Terry Robson revealed a plan to make the former social services car park, next to Hexham Abbey, open for public use. He said the pay and display parking would facilitate the Abbey’s soon-to-open visitor centre.

Full steam: Hundreds of people packed out Wylam Institute for an unusual fund-raising campaign by the local Scout group. A spectacular display of model railways, with some dating back to the 1920s, raised money for new camping equipment.

25 years ago

Famous faces: It was announced that Panther, a star of the TV show Gladiators, was set to visit Corbridge for the proposed Great Northumberland Carnival, set to take place at Tynedale Rugby Club, on July 2. Motorbike stunt rider Eddie Kidd was also set to feature.

Stacking up: An historic colliery chimney, at Haltwhistle Burn, was set to be preserved after Haltwhistle Partnership secured a £1,000 grant from the British Telecom Challenge scheme.

Farming’s future: Farmers discussed the pressures they were likely to face in the years leading up to the Millennium. These included animal welfare matters, increasingly open markets, and keeping up with continuing technological change.

Jeff’s bridge: A new footbridge at Catton was officially opened. The crossing, named after the recently deceased farmer Jeffrey Carruthers, was to take walkers over the Catton Burn.

50 years ago

Bridge scheme: Planning permission was granted for the erection of a temporary bridge across the River Tyne at Corbridge, to be used until the proposed Hexham-Corbridge bypass was built.

Busy factory: Shift working was introduced at Kimberly Clark’s new temporary plant at Prudhoe to meet demand for the plant’s products.

Conveniences confusion: Signs depicting men and women on the doors of public conveniences at Allendale, were causing confusion, Hexham Rural Council heard.

Plans approved: Hexham Rural Council approved plans for a coal quarry at Currock Hill, Hedley-on-the-Hill.

75 years ago

Show boast: Tyneside Agricultural Society announced that its forthcoming August Bank Holiday show in Hexham would be the biggest for years. It was hoped to be staged “on something approaching a pre-war scale,” the Courant reported.

War dogs: The Hexham branch of the RSPCA revealed that eight local dogs had been called up to serve in the war.

Bellingham bursts: Frost and a subsequent thaw caused more than 100 water pipes, including some located underground, in Bellingham, to burst.

100 years ago

Memorial unveiled: A memorial was unveiled at Humshaugh in honour of those lost during the First World War.

Job losses: More than 20 miners employed at Plenmeller Quarry, near Haltwhistle, were made redundant.

Reward offered: Haydon Parish Council offered a 40 shilling reward for information leading to the conviction of vandals who had damaged a public bench in Haydon Bridge.


Whisky case: A Blackhill beer house keeper was fined £2 for selling whisky without a licence. When the beer house was raided by police, the woman who had purchased the whisky claimed it was peppermint.

Game over: Severe weather was reported to have drastically reduced the amount of game to be found in the Blanchland area. Rabbits, hares, and partridges were said to few and far between, and grouse to be even scarcer.

150 years ago

Ploughing on: A ploughing competition at Airey Hill, near Hedley-on-the-Hill, was set to take place on the first Friday of suitable weather. Mr Scott, of the Feathers Inn, was to compile a list of competitors.

Kitchen call: Funds of Hexham Soup Kitchen, which distributed food to the needy twice a week, were said to be in an exhausted state. It was hoped that coverage of the story in the Courant would lead to donations to keep the service alive.

Iron plan: Mr W.B. Beaumont’s smelt mill at Allenheads was set to be converted into iron stone furnaces, as thousands of tons of good ironstone in the area was set to be mined.