STORM Ciara has led to flooding in parts of Haydon Bridge.

Villagers awoke on Sunday morning to find heavy overnight rain had taken its toll on the village.

It is not thought any homes have been devastated, but other buildings have been affected.

Volunteers from Haydon Bridge Football Club spent several hours pumping water away from their clubhouse.

A small covering of water had found its way inside, but club officials said no damage had been caused, and an effective flood door barrier was keeping the worst of the flooding out.

"Here we go again," said goundsman David Kirsopp, as he looked out across the water covered main pitch at Low Hall Park.

"The rain has been heavy throughout the morning, but we're hoping it will ease off as the day goes on."

A flood door barrier was also protecting the club's 3G five-a-side football facility.

Like other parts of Haydon Bridge, the football club has been affected by flooding four times over the past 15 years.

Elsewhere, water reached Graeme Murphy's joinery workshop behind John Martin Street. However, it is understood the flood door of the premises has held firm.

There were dramatic scenes on the village's two bridges, with strong winds and a swollen River South Tyne making its way into the underpass at the west end of the New Bridge.