THE man behind the infamous Allendale Dalek is building another one in his quest to satisfy council planners.

Northumberland County Council ordered science fiction museum owner Neil Cole to remove the shed housing a Dalek from his drive last February, after a complaint found he did not have planning permission to have the shed outside his Grade II listed home.

In August, Neil, the creator of the so-called Allendalek, was granted a year’s temporary permission for the shed – but it’s future after that period remained uncertain.

In response, Neil has made plans for a second Dalek outside the museum. Neil hopes that the mark two model, made from steel, will not fall foul of the county council’s planning team.

He said: “They said in the meeting that it wasn’t the Dalek that was the problem, it was the shed. We decided to build a Dalek that could withstand the elements and not need a shed ­– the Allendalek mark two.

“It’s going to be a 1960s-style Dalek, which is a bit smaller and neater, and we’re building it out of solid steel. I’m really excited about it.”

Neil’s brother-in-law David Powell is already working to create the Dalek’s skirt. According to Neil, the Dalek would act as a ‘garden ornament’ and would not require planning permission.

And the original Dalek will still have a place outside the museum.

Neil continued: “The mark one is going on a trailer.

“We will be able to tow it away for events.

“We’ve had 3,000 visitors in our first year, and we’re still having people stopping to look at the Dalek every day.”

Neil has also been invited to speak at the CAPITOL Doctor Who convention in London in April to promote the museum.