A TYNEDALE family have been placed into quarantine after returning from the city at the centre of the Coronavirus outbreak in China.

Jeff Siddle, wife Sindy and nine-year-old daughter Jasmine, from Prudhoe, returned to the UK last night from Wuhan and are now in quarantine at an NHS facility on the Wirral.

The family were set to be separated after the Chinese Government said Sindy was not allowed to leave the country because she had a Chinese passport.

However, the family decided to stay in China after failing to board a flight organised by the British Government last week and the Chinese Government later agreed to let Sindy leave.

Jeff's father, Les Siddle said the family were relieved to be returning home together.

"They are excited about being back home, but it's going to be a long two weeks in quarantine," he said.

"They said the journey in the car to the airport was quite surreal because all of the roads were blocked.

"I have no idea why the Chinese Government changed their mind and let Sindy travel home."