A TYNEDALE dog whisperer has set up her own business in the North Tyne.

Jane Sherwood, from Wark, formed Sherwood Canine Behaviour and Training last month after years of personal expertise and professional training.

The behavioural management business allows Jane to travel around the district and visit households to provide professional support to dogs and their owners.

“I encounter dogs once they have developed issues and that can range from barking at passers-by or aggression towards people or other dogs,” she said.

“My job is to go into their environment and observe and listen to see what the root of the issue is.

“I sit down and spend a few hours with the owners to get to know and understand why an issue may be occurring. From there we then plan how we’re going to work going forward.

“I’m dedicated to understanding the world from our dogs’ point of view and continually strive to better understand the canine world in order to help give them and their humans a very happy, healthy, loving bond that is unlike any other.”

Jane previously worked as a nursing assistant at a Tynedale veterinary service before relocating to London for a career change.

However, she was soon drawn back to Tynedale, and back to working with animals.

“When I left I really missed how important and exciting working with animals was,” she added.

“I have always loved the relationship between owner and dog.

“When I first got my dog I wanted to find out how their brain works and I’m interested in their behaviour and how they develop.

She completed a two and a half year qualification in canine behaviour and training and set up her business earlier this month.

More information on Sherwood Canine Behaviour and Training can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/sherwoodcbt/