A MAJOR route into Wylam looks set to have the speed limit reduced by a third in a bid to cut accidents.

A petition to change the speed limit on Holeyn Hall Road in Wylam from 60mph to 40mph was presented to this month’s Tynedale Local Area Council.

The petition, which highlighted the fact that there had been six significant accidents reported on the road in the past five years, was signed by more than 400 residents.

It was started by mothers Fiona McKay and Rachael Haddon, who cited poor visibility, poorly maintained pavements, and the number of schoolchildren crossing the road as their reasons for starting their campaign.

Speaking at the meeting, Fiona said: “There’s no doubt pedestrians are in danger. It has been a concern of ours since the age of eight.”

A traffic survey completed by Northumberland County Council found that the average speed of cars on the road was less than 40mph, although some vehicles were found to be going at more than 60mph down the narrow road.

County councillor Karen Quinn, who represents Wylam, was unable to attend the meeting but wrote a letter stating she was fully behind the proposals.

A council officer said work to reduce the speed limit, as well as other safety measures around vegetation and drainage, would take some time to implement, but that the work would be completed by the end of the year.

The petition received the support of Wylam Parish Council at its meeting in September. Road safety campaigner Becky Frankel, who lives in the village, also backed the changes in November.

Councillors agreed to recommend that the speed reduction be included in the county council’s Local Transport Plan for 2020/21.