A PRUDHOE resident is petitioning to get the double yellow lines on her street removed after she and her neighbours were left with nowhere to park.

Samantha Cosgrove brought her petition to this month’s Tynedale Local Area Council meeting after it had been signed by more than 60 people.

The lines on Beech Grove date back to the 1970s, pre-dating the Prudhoe bypass, and prevent some residents from parking near their homes.

Council officers say large vehicles such as buses and bin lorries would not be able to get past, if cars were parked on the road. The road is narrower than the standard width for roads of the type.

However, speaking at the meeting, Samantha said that the situation was becoming desperate.

She said: “We’ve got nowhere to park.

“Not everybody has a drive.

“There’s no yellow lines on Beaumont Terrace or Woodburn Terrace, but the buses use them too.

“The speed of cars coming along Beech Groove is ridiculous. The council have put a speed sign in, but nobody has taken any notice.

“If there were parked cars on the left-hand-side coming from Mickley, the cars would slow down.

“If you’re not going to take the yellow lines away, can you help us because we’re struggling? I can’t afford a three-bedroom house with a double driveway.”

Officers at the meeting said they had looked into three potential options – removing the yellow lines, relaxing the 24-hour limit and allowing parking between 6pm and 8am, or converting the grassed area opposite Beech Grove into parking for residents.

However, after reviewing the options, officers did not recommend any changes to the restrictions.