COUNCIL tax payers in the Allen Valleys face a nine per cent increase in the amount they pay Allendale Parish Council in the next financial year.

At the latest council meeting, councillors announced plans for the increase, expected to be around £3.70 per household annually.

Chairman of the council, David Crellin, said: “We are looking at an increase in precept. This last year we overspent because we spent a lot on cobbles work in the village.

“Despite this we have maintained our expenditure.

“We have increased spending in grass cutting, litter picking and the council clerk’s salary.”

The maintenance costs for the grass cutting and litter picking has risen from £8,850 to £10,000 per year.

“Overall, maintenance costs have gone up from £3,000 to £4,000, but some prices have also gone down,” Coun. Crellin added.

“The parish council precept proportion is likely to be £3.70 per household, so a nine per cent increase is likely to mean £2 per person – many people won’t notice the difference.”

Coun. Jan Simmonds said: “As we have benefited from an increased amount of additional housing the actual impact is likely to be very small.

Coun. Mike Quinn added: “There’s about one thousand houses in the Allen Valleys so the price per person will be cheaper than a coffee.”