HOUSEHOLDS across the district are being asked for their views on how to fund police budgets.

Police and Crime Commissioner Kim McGuinness has launched a public consultation on the police precept, Northumbria Police’s share of local council tax bills, asking people how much they are prepared to pay to support the police.

In order to hear the views of the public on the precept, the commissioner has launched a survey.

The consultation will ask households their views on a range of increases to the precept. The lowest potential rise, the equivalent of a 22 pence a month increase for a Band D property, would meet basic costs, but provide the force no additional funds to tackle emerging crime trends.

Options up to a 78 pence per month rise in the precept would allow the force to increase resources and invest in crime prevention.

Kim McGuinness said: “Northumbria Police has had its funding reduced by the Government every year since 2011. This has led to budget cuts for the police and a greater reliance upon the police precept share of your overall council tax bill to fund services.

“Both myself and Northumbria Police Chief Constable Winton Keenen have made neighbourhood policing and frontline resources a priority, but the ongoing financial uncertainty has made it more difficult to keep communities safe.”